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The Reading OUR Way kits are all inclusive and come with everything you need to implement the program.  No training is required,  each kits is self contained and ready for use and is packaged in handy plastic pockets - perfect for busy teachers and parents on the go.  There are five kits to the Reading OUR Way program with each kits designed to follow on from the previous one in a highly structured and systematic way.  Each kit comes with a training manual & Cdrom holding hundreds of templates and ideas, matching mats, cards and some books.

Reading OUR Way kits are an asset to any school, classroom, home or clinic.  They come in handy ring folders with plastic packets and are divided into easy to use sets.  Each of these packets contains matching mats, cards and some books. Students can use the cards and matching mats and then easily pack them away for another time. Any additional books, activities or materials can easily be added to these packets as the child or adult develops their literacy skills. The student therefore, has ownership over his/her kit and interacts with it in a variety of ways.