I think Ella finds the ReadingOURway program engaging because of the features that are used in the program – like we have a dog called Rosie so when she sees the dog picture she doesn’t say dog, she says Rosie, which is much harder to say than dog, so she assimilates and knows that and there is a cat that lives next door, so she knows the cat and then there’s the mummy and the daddy, the red car and ball – they are all things that she knows and sees, Daddy has a red car.

The ReadingOURway program is very similar to the program used at my sons school. The goal is to get her ready for school and just prepare her for life long learning and just a love of talking, she is a very social little person, she says hello to every family at school, waves and says hi and I think it is just nice for her to be able to speak and communicate as well as use her signing so that people can interact with her.

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With the ReadingOURway program we are just hoping for a life long love of reading and seeing it now she loves her books, she makes me read lots of books every night before we go to bed – it’s a nice problem to have.

A lot of people think that you need to have, like an hour set aside a day to do this program, its actually not, its quite easy just to spend 5 or 10 minutes, here or there, wherever she is, either having some down time or just wants a quiet little play of just matching those pictures and saying what they are – its not hard. She just really enjoys it and loves to play.


Ella is a lovely young lady who is very excited and engaged in her reading. She has a brother Sam and is ready to start ' big school' in the summer. Good luck Ella.