I think Ella finds the   ReadingOURway program     engaging because of the features   that are used in the program –   like we have a dog called Rosie   so when she sees the dog picture   she doesn’t say dog, she says   Rosie, which is much harder to   say than dog, so she assimilates   and knows that and there is a   cat that lives next door, so she   knows the cat and then there’s   the mummy and the daddy, the   red car and ball – they are all   things that she knows and sees,   Daddy has a red car.



 We don’t spend big chunks of       time I find that if you do 10 –   15  minutes at a time that works   much better with her. So it   might  be just let her come home   from school, have a break and   then ‘let’s sit down and make it   fun’ . I recently realised that   she  was very comfortable with   a  lot of the words herself – For   example, I pulled out one of the   books from the second stage and   had no idea she could read the   whole thing and I was like ‘so ok   something is really working   here’.



 Since we’ve been using the   ReadingOURway program,     we’ve seen great progress. It’s   opened our eyes to the fact that     some children learn better by   sight reading, rather than   phonetics. ReadingOURway has   provided a systematic     framework, which allows the   students to experience success   daily in reading. It has been   beneficial for students who   struggle to learn reading with a   phonetic approach. We’ve been   using the program for more than   12 months to help a Year three   student learn to read. 





 I was more interested in Tessa learning to speak in   complete sentences, like she knew a lot of words     but  she didn’t have that rhythm of speech and I   could see the importance of learning to read or   being able to read a lot more then she would pick   up that rhythm of speech. What’s so good about it   is  you can make your own cards and you can just   use it to sync in with what you need.


By sharing the genuine experiences of teachers and families benefitting from our program, we show that Reading OUR way can help a diverse range of people access the power and enjoyment that reading delivers.