Since we’ve been using the ReadingOURway program, we’ve seen great progress. It’s opened our eyes to the fact that some children learn better by sight reading, rather than phonetics. ReadingOURway has provided a systematic framework, which allows the students to experience success daily in reading. It has been beneficial for students who struggle to learn reading with a phonetic approach. We’ve been using the program for more than 12 months to help a Year three student learn to read. 

ReadingOURway has a scaffolded approach, which gives the students opportunity to build quickly on the knowledge they have gained. The consistent and familiar activities provided with the ReadingOURway program has allowed the children to self-manage their learning. They enjoy the interactive activities and games involved and often invite other students from the class to join in on their learning.

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ReadingOURway has increased the sight word knowledge in the students using the program. This has allowed them to progress further in their reading levels - faster than they were advancing before. 
As an educator, it is important that each child succeeds in each area of the curriculum. Regardless of whether they have a disability or not, each child has a right to learn, and the success in reading will set them up for life.

ReadingOURway is visual, simple and repetitive and for students with reading difficulties, it is important that their learning is predictable and simple. It models errorless learning, and can involve the whole body, making learning fun and engaging. We have experienced improvement in many other areas as a result of the success in reading. This includes literacy areas, such as spelling and writing, but the discipline involved with ReadingOURway has allowed the students to gain skills in organising other areas, such as maths activities and humanities.


Megan is a middle school teacher at a local private school. She has a diverse class of learners who all interact and use ReadingOURway to enhance their literacy skills. Megan uses ReadingOURway in small groups, one to one with a teacher's aide or with the whole class as a game.