We don’t spend big chunks of time I find that if you do 10 – 15 minutes at a time that works much better with her. So it might be just let her come home from school, have a break and then ‘let’s sit down and make it fun’ . I recently realised that she was very comfortable with a lot of the words herself – For example, I pulled out one of the books from the second stage and had no idea she could read the whole thing and I was like ‘so ok something is really working here’.

The ReadingOURway program, I find is really useful and it really suits Maggie one it can be really engaging, its not just all about sitting there and reading a book, so you have fun with the matching of the words and you can do that in any form that you like. Lots of fun through that, I think visually, particularly the books are really stimulating for her and just that sense of achievement that she is receiving out of knowing now she can read a book.

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I think learning the whole word, she definitely finds that easier, rather than sounding out the word and putting it all together, she recognises that whole word. I think the ReadingOURway program has been fantastic for Maggie as far as her self esteem, she gets such a sense of joy and achievement out of being able to read on her own,

She sees her sister and her peers read, her sister is an avid reader so she just loves sitting there with her book and knowing that she is saying all of the correct words. She just gets such a sense of achievement out of reading by herself, she does all the fist pumps and everything - it just lovely to see- really lovely.

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Louise works closely with Maggie' s school in the implementation of Reading our way. It is a true home/school partnership where the schools informs home of the words Maggie is studying and Mum informs the school of what she is doing at home.