Scrambled Sentences

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scrambled sentences.PNG

Scrambled Sentences

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These scrambled sentences are a great way to teach students sight words, sentence structure and punctuation.  The sentences progress in difficulty and length.  Each sentence has 4 different levels:


Level 1 – Errorless learning – Jumbled sentence with correct sentence above to match word-to-word.

Level 2 – Consolidation Sentence – Jumbled sentence with blank spots.

Level 3 – Errorless Sentence Writing – Jumbled sentence with blank boxes and sentence to trace over.

Level 4 – Consolidation Sentence Writing – Jumbled sentence with blank boxes and blank writing line.


The font is QLD beginners and the writing lines are the QLD guidelines.


Sentences included:

1.      Mum cooked dinner.

2.     Dad went to work.

3.     Mum had a baby.

4.     My dad can dig.

5.     The bees make honey.

6.     The car is red.

7.     My balloon is red.

8.     The bunny hopped around.

9.     The feather is purple.

10.   Look at the mouse!

11.    She can pat the cat.

12.   Can you ride a bike?

13.   The dog sat on the mat.

14.   A pig was in the bin.

15.   The boy played in the sand.

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