Extension Kit

The final kit in the series is the Extension Kit which includes numbers (1-10, teens and 'ty' numbers) and colours. The Extension Kit contains 4 sets of 10 words, 40 in total.


Included in kit:

  • A fully comprehensive manual

  • Resource CD or link to download resources with over 120 downloadable activities

  • 10 X 4 sets of subject specific words

  • Picture books to match sets one and two

  • Space to add individual activities or personal books

The manual provided steps through the implementation of the Extension Kit as well as outlining the research behind the program. There are 4 sets that make up the Extension Kit. Each set focuses on learning 10 words. In total, the Extension Kit teaches 40 words.

The kit contains individual word cards and matching mats that are required to complete the activities. Two of each word card and three matching mats are included for each set of words. The instructional manual steps through how to use these as a part of the teaching process.

Reading Books have also been included to accompany Set 1 and Set 2 in the Intermediate Kit. These books reinforce the words being learnt in the set. Two books in total are included in the Extension Kit. For the remaining sets it is recommended that additional books are developed or sourced by the user.

A resource disc or link to download resources is included as a part of the Extension Kit. The resource disc includes digital files for Activity Sheets (80 pages in total), Checklist to monitor student progress, Blank Word Card Templates, Leapfrog Lilypad Template, Swat the Word, Fly Template, Bingo Template and Puzzle Template. Templates are included for games such as Leap Frog and Swat the Word. These are fun and interactive games that are explained in the manual. These games are designed to keep students engaged and ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable.

Worksheets have been included on the resource CD. There are two pages of activities for each word included in the kit. The writing activities are designed to help develop students understanding of the link between reading and writing. When learning to read each new word, it is recommended that the student is also learning how to write this word.